What’s to say about Arduino Projects?

Those of you that have been reading my personal blog know I love the Arduino.  From it’s pure simplicity as a dedicated controller to the sublime capabilities as an integral part of a larger product, it is my go-to device for electronics and robotics projects, large and small. Whenever I get an idea for a device, my first choice is generally the Arduino as a starting point.

I’ve used the little Arduino for many, many different kinds of projects, from monitoring and recording network activity, to a universal remote controller that uses cellphones or tablets as the remote device, to robotics for control of systems and sub systems to reporting and controlling outdoor appliances and devices.

That doesn’t mean that the Arduino is the perfect choice for all your robotic needs. Quite the contrary; there are a number of open and embedded controllers that may be more suitable for any given task or concept. Parallax makes a remarkable little device that has more I/O ports, called the Propellor. The Raspberry PI is a vary adept little device that runs open-source linux and can be used in more complex requirements where software plays a larger role. Heck, I’ve actually built a windows PC into several devices as well.

Arduino Bot Shop Circuit Board


The point of the Arduino is it’s simplicity. It’s accessibility to ports and data, simple programming language, multitudes of shields (add-on, plug and play daughter boards), simple power requirements, and huge availability of code samples make it a natural proof-of-concept device. Need to start and stop a motor? There’s an app for that. Want to control a bank of multi-color LEDS? Yep – 2 minutes and you are up and running. Measure Distance? Temperature? Humidity? Count things? Play speech? Make art? Build a robot? Take Pictures? Control appliances? Monitor Security? Recognize colors or simple objects? All this and much, much more can be created and running in as little as a couple of minutes.

Want to learn a programming language? Understand the concepts of classes, functions, routines and subroutines? The Arduino has you covered there as well. Want to learn about basic electronics theory and practice? Transistors? Switches? Resistors, Capacitors and more? Yep!

You see, the Arduino is a pretty amazing device. Really, all it needs is your imagination, a little education, and a goal to do some pretty amazing things.

If you wander around in this website, you’ll find projects, schematics, programs, concepts and everything else you need to bring your project to life.  From a simple little device that can tell you what the temperature is to an articulated and fully autonomous robot that will scare the crap out of any evil ninja that sneaks into your home at night bent on assassination, I hope you’ll enjoy the treasures here, and start developing your own skills to bring your arduino projects to life.

If along the way, we have some fun, too, well I say BONUS!








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