I’m starting a new project I’m pretty excited about: a fully humanoid 3d printed robot.

I just purchased a Kossel 2020 3D printer, and have been learning how to use it for the past couple of weeks. The purpose of this purchase was twofold; I wanted to learn about 3D printing technologies (which are pretty cool, but still in their infancy), and I wanted to build a new robot using 3D printed materials.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be recording my experiences with building this new robot, sharing with you the software, the 3D print files, the electronics and results as I find them.

Here’s a sneak peak at what some of what we’ll be creating. I’m going to call him “Jeeves”:

3D printed robot

And here is a brief list of some of the technologies and capabilities we’ll be exploring:

  • Fully articulated hands, with pressure sensitive feedback from the fingers
  • Stereo vision and vision processing.
  • Full range of motion from head, neck, torso, arms and hands
  • Internal Arduino network for motion control with dedicated processors
  • Linux master PC with dedicated subsystems
  • Speech synthesis, and speech recognition
  • Integration into the home automation network
  • and more!

First, and starting next week, we’ll make a fully articulated hand. I’ll share with you the files needed to print the parts, the servos and Arduino control and circuitry needed to move the fingers (and thumb). and some of the beginnings of  integration via the Arduino Lan.

Check back, follow along, download the files and software as it becomes available, and build along with me!


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